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"The Business of Being a A Balabosteh The Business of Being a Balabosteh
The Homey Yiddush expression A balabosteh literally means A mistress of the home, from the Hebrew ba'alathabayit . The significance of this phrase, suggetsing an important executive, should offset the diffidence wesometimes feel when we fill out a form Occupation Housewife and should raise our status in our own eyes. The management of a home in the Jewish tradition is a dignified, important, and rewarding job."

Guide for the Jewish Homemaker,
Shonie B. Levi & Sylvia R. Kaplan, Copyright 1959

Balabusta: same word (different spelling).
Modern: different world.

The mission of Modern Balabusta is to reclaim and reframe the notion of Balabusta. It is about expanding the possibilities of a Jewish home and Jewish identity to include conscious living, action, and commitment to Jewish community in accessible and meaningful ways.

For a sense of what it means to be a Modern Balabusta, keep reading this site. Check out writings and recipes and please feel free to send feedback and ideas to Jenni Person

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